My skills


I think in 3D, which is an advantatge to understand instantly what my client tells me about his product, service or brand. I identify

his needs in order to obtain the best results.


While I listen to the briefing, my creativity activates and I consider the actions required

to develop and reach the optimum proposal.

It may be a brand restiling, the creation of a new brand or to give brand awareness, new life, new personality and increased visibility to any product.


While working with a client, I feel a partner all along.


I work on a wide range of products that I can classify under 3 paragraphs:


 . PACKAGING: I dress the product with a

   tailor made suit with a distinct personality,

   style and presence.


 . CORPORATE DESIGN: Brand corporate

   design for a new product or service,

   including the logo creation and giving

   consistence to all its graphic elements.


 . COMMUNICATION: I work on a message

   to be distributed either as an ad, a flyer,

   a sales folder, a catalogue, display, banner,

   poster, magazine, etc…


My assignments


My main clients are family business and foundations.

I value and share their effort, compromise

and courage confronting new challenges.


I have worked for different business areas

such as:


 · Pharmaceutical labs


 · Nutrition supplements


 · Cosmetic and aesthetic medicine


 · Nutrition


 · Law firms


 · Child psychology


 · Dental Clinics


 · Nutrition and Natural Therapies


 · Industrial


 And foundations like Catalunya-La Pedrera.


I have designed products for a wide range

of audiences: families, mothers with young children, senior citizens, healthy men and women.




+34 654 236 880 BCN

My experience


My DNA is 100% Barcelonian. I am a Barcelover.

A curios mind, I like to learn about other cultures, to travel the world and learn about other ways of living.


After learning about Textile Design at the Llotja Escuela de Artes y Oficios, I took Graphic Design and Publicity at Createcnia.


I started my professional carrer working as an assitant and later as a Junior Art Director with different publicity agencies such as Tiempo/BBDO and Barro Testa.


Later I joined estudio Morillas where during eight rewarding years I specialized in packaging working for some important clients.


Since 2007 I have started my own company Packaging y Graphics Solutions in a coworking space where I can share space and jobs with other professionals, creating insteresting working sinergies.


I am bilingual Spanish and Catalan.

And always working on my English.